Kanye West and Bianca Cansori are trading up from Cheesecake Factory (no offense) date nights opting for a much fancier evening out in Florence, Italy, and TMZ has the pics.

They were dining at a restaurant called Il Palagio, and just to highlight how much they stepped up their culinary game here … this spot earned a coveted Michelin star.

One of the couple’s fellow diners tells us — despite Kanye being glued to his phone during their date last week — they still seemed to be having a blast together throughout the night.

At one point, Kanye did put his phone to good use … we’re told he was shooting vids of Bianca strutting around the table as she rocked a cloak-style outfit that might seem modest at first glance. Take a closer look … it’s totally sheer, and reminiscent of the daring fashion choices she’s now famous for wearing.

The pair steered clear of alcohol — Ye sipped on water and Coke, while BC enjoyed some tea. They also treated themselves to a few courses of delicious food.

They dined for about 2 hours, and we’re told, at one point, a guest swung by their table … and Kanye greeted him with a handshake and they laughed and chatted away for a bit.

TBH, it seemed like a relatively wholesome affair — dinner and outfit included — which is more than you could say for a few days earlier, when Bianca rocked the teeniest weeniest one one-piece swim in Prato, Italy.

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