President of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Gianni Ifantino has praised the relevant of Malawi’s Female football player Tabitha Chawinga to aspiring football player across the globe.

Ifantino made his sentiment on his official instragram account after giving Chawinga a new Football Unites shirt written her name.

The president posted a picture of him handling over a prize to Chawinga with a caption written as below.

“I was very pleased to interact with 🇲🇼 Tabitha Chawinga – one of the best footballers playing the women’s game and certainly a role model to children in Malawi as well as the whole of Africa and around the world.

Her beautiful success story starting from Malawi to global recognition through football is inspiring. Through resilience, hard work, talent, and skill, she has proved that our beautiful game provides an equal platform for everyone to excel. We are here to support her and what she represents for women across the globe.

@tabitha.chawinga, I look forward to meeting you again and the first FIFA Women’s Club World Cup 2026 will be a fantastic occasion for the world to witness more journeys like yours”.

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