President of the ANC party in South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, has been re-elected as the state president after defeating Julius Malema in the election held by members of the parliament last night.

In this election, Mr. Ramaphosa got 283 votes while Mr. Malema who is from the EFF party got 44 votes.

In his speech, Mr. Ramaphosa said he is ready to lead a coalition government where his party has agreed to work together with parties such as the DA whose majority of supporters are white.

Mr. Malema, who has accepted defeat in the election, said he will continue to work as a leader of the opposition party to show that the government is working in the interest of the people.

At the parliamentary meeting that has just ended, Mr. Thoko Didiza of the ANC party has elected him as the Speaker of the South African parliament.

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