Inner London Crown Court in UK has convicted and sentenced  Brixton man to four years and three months imprisonment  after being charged with rape as he removed a condom without the woman he was having sex with knowing.

The convict has been identified as Guy Mukendi, 39 and from Brixton, south London, who committed the offence on 2 April 2024

A young woman in Brixton reported the assault on 9 May last year. She had consented to having sex with Mukendi as long as he wore a condom. But during the encounter, he removed the protection without her knowledge.

The Metropolitan Police said the victim was supported during the “extremely difficult time” as soon as she first reported the incident.

Police worked with the victim to obtain screenshots of messages Mukendi sent where he apologised for taking the condom off, and where he sought to explain his actions by saying he had not had sex in a long time.

He then deleted the messages but the screenshots contributed to securing his conviction.

Prosecutions for non-consensual condom removal, which is classified as rape under English and Welsh law, are very rare due to under-reporting, the police said.

Detective Constable Jack Earl, who led the investigation, said: “Throughout this investigation Mukendi denied any wrongdoing – but our officers built a compelling case against him to leave no doubt in the jury’s mind.

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