Lingadzi Police in Lilongwe have arrested a family in Kauma Township for openly selling cannabis sativa.
Acting on a tip-off,Lingadzi detectives raided their house and caught a woman of the family, Modesta Martin red-handedly selling the illegal substance. Several potential customers were also arrested for idle and disorderly conduct.Police has reported.
The law enforcement agency has since seized 12 bags of cannabis sativa and two packs of 20 liters full of cannabis seeds, which according to police will be used as evidence in court.
Upon her arrest,Martin produced an industrial hemp license, which police have sent for verification due to suspected misuse.
The seized cannabis has been taken to Chitedze Research Station for analysis. Martin, 39, from Kanjovu village in Dedza district, will face charges under Malawi’s Cannabis Regulation Act of 2020.
Copied:Mibawa Tv
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