A 47-year-old man of Mohali area in Lusaka has been apprehended for having twenty U$D100 notes suspected to be counterfeit, all bearing the same serial number.
The arrest took place on Monday morning around 08:00 hours, with the suspect identified as Kennedy Katanga.
Police Public Relations Officer, Rae Hamoonga, notes that the incident was initially reported on 4th July, 2024, around 13:40 hours by Benson Phiri of Ngombe Compound.
He says Phiri named an individual called Blessings Mbewe of 13 Miles in Katuba area who had requested K4000 from him, claiming he could multiply the amount.
Hamoonga stated that the two had agreed to meet at Chelston Big Tank and acting on the information, Police laid an ambush and successfully apprehended Mbewe.
He adds that during interrogation, Mbewe implicated Katongo and following the lead, the latter was arrested and found in possession of the suspected counterfeit notes.
Hamoonga says both suspects are currently in custody pending further investigation, further urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to counterfeit currency.
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