A 70-year-old woman has claimed that she has been pregnant for the past 45 years, starting from 1977.

She shared that she married in 1973, faced significant hardships including the loss of her first child and domestic abuse, leading to a divorce.

After divorcing her first husband, she remarried in 1977 while still pregnant with her first husband’s child.

The elderly woman describes her second husband as kind and supportive, in stark contrast to her first marriage.

She maintains that she has remained pregnant ever since her divorce from her first husband nearly five decades ago.

In her words;

“I have been pregnant since 1977. I married my first husband in 1973 but separated. Then, during that time, I married a second husband. I got pregnant, but we were unlucky, my first born did not come out alive. The main reason I divorced was that my first husband abused me; he would come home drunk and beat me for no reason. I decided to leave.

“When we separated, I was seven months pregnant. My husband said, ‘As long as you leave, you will never have a child.’ But I insisted on leaving peacefully rather than die here. I went to my grandmother’s place. During those days, the baby in my womb stopped moving.

“My husband came and wanted me to return, but I vowed never to risk my life again. Of course, I said a big ‘NO.’ I came here in 1977 and married another husband. He was different; he was kind and told me not to worry about having children. He said he has already had all children he needed, that he just wanted someone who would be by his side and looks/cares for him. He always cares for me and made me feel special. He was totally different from my first husband, and that’s when I started feeling the advantages of marriage.

“Before due to the scars I carried, I had in mind that marriage was useless, but when I married my second partner, I reaped the benefits of being married. He was a husband made from heaven but I was still pregnant but when I would go in the garden to do some cultivation i would not manage it due to pregnancy I will just get tired without doing a single activity. My husband was a hero, I mean the second one. Whenever he saw me suffering in the field, he would come nearer and always telling me to rest and take care of myself.”

“I was not able to produce any child, yet I was pregnant. He looked at me and said, ‘I will never chase you away because you can’t produce children. It’s okay; I will raise those I produced aside.’ We lived peacefully in harmony; we never had misunderstandings and loved one another as if we were newlywed couples until recently when he breathed his last and went to heaven.

“After coming and living with my second husband, I believed in Christ and got baptized in water, so I turned into a new creature. My mom and I have been going to church for fellowship, but my mom can no longer manage to step out and go to church. It’s been 5 years since my mom was no longer doing a single activity.”

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