Mozambique faces wave of fake news just week before elections

While the political campaigns in Mozambique are in full swing, the country has been struggling to clear the informational space from some widely-spread fake materials. The citizens have faced an outbreak of false information with a general aim to bring unrest among the population, similar to the pre-election weeks in South Africa. In the run-up to the general elections scheduled for next Tuesday, a message...

Three dead after Thugs attack bus in Mozambique Over Upcoming Elections

According to vote monitors, three died after thugs opened fire in central Mozambique, near the base of an armed group opposing the country’s upcoming elections. Police confirmed the attack and said they were still investigating the incident. Daniel Macuacua, police spokesman for Sofala province, said:“We have confirmation of the attack but at this moment we cannot say who are the assailants.” The Centre for Public Integrity, a...

Malawian migrants found in container lorry in Mozambique

Police in Mozambique scuttled an attempt to traffic 42 illegal migrants from Malawi in a container lorry heading to South Africa. They had been travelling in the lorry for three days before being intercepted in the capital of Gaza province, Xai-Xai, police spokesman Carlos Macuacua said. The detained migrants told authorities they had been assured of employment in South Africa. Police are working with the Mozambique migration...


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