Reproductive Health

Maternal health gets a boost in Malawi

On a gray Wednesday morning in the Malawian capital of Lilongwe, a group of young people perform a skit for philanthropist Melinda Gates who has come to visit their recreational centre, a drafty room with wooden, board walls and a corrugated iron roof that don't quite meet. In the skit, a persistent teenaged boy tries to pressure his unwilling girlfriend into having sex. "If you want...

Old men on sex drugs risk stroke

Behaviour change expert Timothy Bonyonga has said old men who marry younger women have become the biggest consumers of aphrodisiacs as they desperately seek mechanisms to satisfy their sexually-starved wives. However, Bonyonga has warned that such men risk suffering from stroke, nose bleeding or Hematuria. Hematuria is a medical condition that refers to the presence of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in urine, according to the...


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