Mawa langa (Short Firm Review)

Made in association with Temwa and YONECO - a 51 minute participatory HIV and AIDS awareness drama for primary school children in Malawi PFP Volunteer Crew: Director/Editor – Colin Stevens Producer/Scriptwriter & Camera 2 – Elspeth Waldie Director of Photography – Moncho Aldamiz Sound Recording & Design – Fraser McFadyen Production Assistant – Peter Lansdown The dreams of Tobias and Effie are threatened, and Effie is in very real danger....

Although a fertile country, Malawi is prone to drought and disease

Although a fertile country, Malawi is prone to drought and disease. Its farmers live under the constant threat of crop failure and food insecurity. From irrigation systems to getting produce to market, the country's agricultural system is getting an overhaul. The aim is to increase crop yields and improve lives. 4:12.   <iframe width="560" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/OYyw6MHnyvg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Timve Magazine

Timve Magazine is a product of Timve Media Group and is fast becoming a regular destination for the growing Malawian urban online community. Started in August 2008, Timve Magazine has continued to support the urban culture movement in music, sport, lifestyle, fashion, social-economic development issues and the overall urban culture movement of Malawi. Using the internet as its medium, Timve Magazine expands its reach...

President Obama drunk takes you to your Memorial Day destination

Conan O’Brien revisited the “slow down the audio to make someone sound drunk” meme that was popular a little while back with this video of President Obama but, as Matt at Warming Glow points out, the execution of this one is so well-done that it’s a must watch. The Irish people would totally respond like that if President Obama were shit-faced in a speech...

Comedian steps out of laughter industry for prophecy

A Malawian who has been in the business of making (his fans) laugh for years is now looking into the future. John Nyanga, aka Izeki, who seems to have seen the light, quit his long time career which made him a household name in Malawi to to follow his new calling: prophecy and preaching. This is the man, together with Eric Mabedi, popularly known as...


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