Land of poets, another arts fest in the offing

Take a break from the just wrapped up Mwezi Wawala Arts Festival. Before you prepare yourself for the Sunbird Sand Festival or the Blantyre Arts Festival early October, here is another: Land of poets Festival. The Festival, which is expected to be an annual event, makes its inaugural entry this September on the 21st and 22nd days of the month respectively at the Blantyre Cultural...

Writers’ Block

I surely can’t be losing my touch I simply love writing too much But it seems my pens have gone dry Nowadays I can barely string together a couple of lines It’s usually a piece of cake to make rhymes I write a poem in fewer than 5 minutes most of the time But lately my mind has gone completely blank I have no more masterpieces in my poetry bank Like...


by Andrew Kamwambi Taking a peek through a keyhole of old memories Sweet remembrances of your loquaciousness are still fresh Flashes of our blossoming love are still vivid Neither was my love for you farfetched nor was it flattery But you opted for the latter Little did I know you were a jezebel Your satisfactory conduct left a lot to be desired Your light-mindedness and brains marked you from the...


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