First Gentleman Richard Banda’s evil machinations revealed

First Gentleman Richard Banda is the man behind the planning and authorizing of execution of almost all clandestine activities in the legal fraternity in the country. Although he is not under Malawi Government employment, Richard Banda, husband to Malawi President Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda, on Sunday afternoon, chaired a meeting at the sprawling Kamuzu Palace State House in Lilongwe issuing orders on how the 11...

Malawi’s deputy ambassador to RSA is not Malawian

The newly appointed deputy ambassador to RSA Mrs Chrissy Kamanga Kalamula is not Malawian. She holds a full South African passport. Messages coming to the whistle-blowers have uncovered the appointment was fast tracked after Mrs Kalamula relentlessly posted links in support of Joyce Banda on social media. From a reliable source. Note: If you want to dispute this story, simply attach her Malawian Passport here....


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