There is no proof to this...the article says" Joyce Banda who ascended into power as Malawi president soon after death of Bingu wa Mutharika has strategized well never to give away the government to the opposition parties by employing all the African ways of ruling parties returning to power. Some the formulas including, oppressing and pressing hard on opposition parties, filing silly courses to keep...

Carlsberg has withdrawn its sponsorship due to change of management and the financial losses the company

Our investigations have revealed that Carlsberg has withdrawn its sponsorship due to change of management and the financial losses the company has been incurring. The company recently demoted its CEO, Abel Chanje, due to the company losses and engaged new management team of Carlsberg Denmark to improve its financial performance. This has resulted in the company stopping some activities they felt were contributing to the losses...

“Aaaaaarrrrghhh!!! My mmother married a tyrant!” – Callista’s son

A son of First Lady Mrs Callista Mutharika from her first marriage, Brian Chimombo, a UK based university student has blasted Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika calling him a tyrant, according to his Facebook page. Callista's son posted:  Aaaaaarrrrghhh!!! My mumâ  married a tyrant!!! He went further to post: “Malawi was the most peaceful country in Africa, and now people are dying in the streets, the...

PP members Confident about 2014

"This is just a beginning. There are more opposition members waiting to join PP and we are set to sweep the whole Chitipa district. We want to strengthen the party, and we will do nothing but implementing development projects which will convince other parties’ members to join us" - Peoples Party Member

Malawian export workers denied by South Korea

We have a serious issue at hand. The South Korea government has denied that it is in any agreement with their Malawi counterparts for the southern African country to export labor to this Asian country. The denials are in the international media and were not provoked by the Malawian media. The Malawi Government put out specifications as to who were qualified to embark on these...


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