Watch Moment Man Quickly Hides Face As Girlfriend Records Him Washing Her Panties (Watch Video)

A video which surfaced online shows the moment man quickly hides his face as he is captured on camera washing his girlfriend's panties. The man was unaware that his girlfriend was making a video selfie while he was busy doing the laundry. She first showed her face then recorded him vibing to a song. The girlfriend then proudly declared to the world to see her boyfriend....

Man Pushes Girlfriend Out Of His House After She Cheated, She Refuses, Cries Uncontrollably (Watch Video)

In a video from Lagos, a young man forcefully pushed his crying girlfriend out of his house after they broke up. The incident has stirred a lot of online discussion. In the video, the couple was having a heated argument, and another person tried to help the girl leave. People are concerned about the physical nature of the breakup. The video has gone viral and prompted various...

Man In Benz Causes Buzz As He Collects Lady’s Number In Traffic, She Quickly Takes His Phone, Types It In (Watch Video)

A video capturing a bold encounter in the midst of Lagos traffic is making waves online. In the video, a man in a luxurious Mercedes Benz confidently sought a lady's phone number in the midst of gridlock. The remarkable part was the lady's enthusiastic response as she cheerfully shared her number with a smile. The video, initially posted on Twitter by @mohnizefunny, has garnered widespread attention and...

Drama|| Lady Cuts Off Customer’s Braids As She Finds Out She Can’t Pay, Video Stirs Reactions (Watch)

A viral video shows hairstylist Rita cutting off a customer's hair in anger after learning the customer couldn't pay for the service. Rita expressed her frustration, calling the customer a witch and continuing to ruin the hair while daring her to call the police. Watch video below...

Two Lovely Friends Were Fighting In A Restaurant Because Of A Guy And The Guy Capturing Them While Fighting (Watch Video)

A video's going around of two good-looking friends having a fight in public over a guy. What's even sillier is that the guy joined in, recording the whole thing. It's weird when pals fight over a person. Watch video here >> CLICk


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