Normal S3x Lasts Between 5-10 Minutes – Expert

Zambia's local pharmacist has described a sex booster called ‘Seven Hours’ championed by some herbalists as a myth just bent on attracting men’s unrealistic expectations of lasting longer during sexual intercourse. Jerome Kanyika said the duration of a sex encounter that science agrees with is between five to 10 minutes and that anything longer than that is described as abnormal. Kanyika said in an interview that...

Suspect Commits Suicide In Police Cell

ZAMBIA - A 26 year old suspect has committed suicide by hanging himself to a police cell in Chasefu District of the Eastern Province. Late Smart Mwanza of Chiponde Village in Senior Chief Magodi's area who was arrested for stock theft was in the early hours of yesterday found hanging at Emusa police cell. ZANIS reports that Eastern Province Deputy Police Commanding Officer Kennedy Chibwe has...

Zambian Women Use Sticks, Wires To Terminate Pregnancies As Eastern Province Records 1,536 Unsafe Abortions

Robert Kumwenda, Zambia's Senior Registrar for Gynecology Department, Chipata District Hospital has urged women against using sticks and wires to terminate pregnancies. It is alleged that most of Zambian women uses sticks and wires to get rid of their unwanted pregnancies. Dr Kumwenda has since called on to desist from using unsafe means to terminate pregnancies to avoid infections. He said women intending to terminate their pregnancies...

Zambian Comedian Diffikoti Bails Out Woman Who Was Detained Together With Her Son

Days ago, police in Zambia arrested a woman with her son and they throne into a police cell. Thomas Sipalo aka Diffikoti today visited the woman  at Lusaka’s West Gate Police Post with her child. Diffikoti also managed to have the case withdrawn and drove the woman and child home. See Photos Below;

35 Year Old Zambian Man Kills Niece After Impregnating Her

A 35 year old Zambian man is in police custody for allegedly defiling, impregnating and killing his 17 year old niece. According to reports, the man killed his niece after she refused to abort 6 months pregnancy he allegedly fathered. The man is said to have beaten his niece to death. Fortunately people heard the girl crying and went to find out what was happening only to...


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