Every peace loving Malawian knows that the first culprit to blame for the violent demonstrations  on 20th July is Bingu himself. This is due to his arrogance and disrespect to anybody except members of his family.  Bingu does not trust anyone except his own brother whom he forced to resign from a job in America to become his personal advisor in government as if there were no capable people in Malawi.

Later on he asked his brother to campaign in the 2009 General Elections to become Member of Parliament on tax payer’s money and he won. This was corruption. As if this was not enough he asked for CV’s from every senior civil servant in order for him to select those from his own tribe-Mlomwe. He subsequently elevated every Mlomwe to heads of departments including the Reserve Bank, Police, civil service, the Anti-Corruption Bureau and statutory boards. This was the recipe for the beginning of his downfall today.

With his henchmen surrounding him, he never listened to any body except his God chosen tribe. He became insensitive to the needs of other Malawians. What Bingu forgot was that an elected leader governs on trust. Once that trust declines, the mandate to govern is lost. That is exactly what has happened to Bingu. He has lost the legitimacy to govern the citizens of Malawi. He is now a liability.

The demonstrations on 20th July should not have turned violent if Bingu were a listening leader. The Civil Society organizations in Malawi appointed the 20th July as their date to hold national-wide demonstrations. As usual Bingu high-jacked the same date for a public lecture. Malawians know that an incumbent president cannot give lectures but a retired president. Even Bingu should know that public lectures are delivered by former presidents. Incumbent presidents are expected to solve problems and deliver. Therefore, the civil society organizations knew that this was a tactic to derail the demonstrations.

Worse still Bingu instructed the National Radio and Television-Malawi Broadcasting Corporation to de-campaign the demonstrations by involving traditional leaders from all over the country. The Malawi Police approved the demonstrations on condition that they were peaceful. Typical of Bingu who under-estimates the intelligence of Malawians, he asked his Regional Governor the day before the demonstrations to load drunken youth on DPP blue painted trucks to move around the city of Blantyre brandishing” machete” knives without Police interventions. As if this were not enough, Chiza Mbekeani corruptly obtained an illegal injunction from a newly appointed High Court Judge James Kachale. The lawyer who made the application was not registered to practice in any court of Malawi by the Law Society.

With a hind sight one can sum up by saying that the demonstrations were inflamed by three people- Bingu, Chiza Mbekeani, the fraudulent lawyer and the newly appointed Judge James Kachale. Truthfully, the Judge has compromised his appointment. He does not deserve any promotion. Now the demonstration turned ugly in three main cities of Blantyre, Mzuzu and Lilongwe. Looting was the order of the day confirming that citizens are suffering from poverty.

This is a vindication that Bingu has lost legitimacy to govern. The Civil Society organizations in collaborations with opposition parties should not demand for the appointment of an Interim Governing Council to take over government or the president should call for a National Referendum to answer the question; do Malawians want Bingu as President Yes or No?

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