NKHATABAY: An American peace corp who was attacked in  Nkhata Bay on new year’s day has died. Police have since arrested a 25-year-old-man  Mr. Yohane Banda,  on suspicion he assaulted the American.


Northern Region Police Spokesperson Mrs. Norrah Chimwala has confirmed this. The suspect comes from Ndora village in Traditional Authority Mankhambela’s area in Nkhata Bay district.

Mrs. Chimwala said the suspect is believed to be a lunatic. He will have to be medically examined  to establish his precise state of health. If found to be normal, the suspect could answer murder charges.

The American national Ms. Liz Richman aged 35, was based in Rumphi district and was assaulted while on her way from Kayapapaya Bottle Store where she had gone to party in celebration for the new year.

But just between 80 and 100 meters away from Panja Lodge where she was putting up she found an unknown person pretending to be too drunk to walk and hence sleeping along the road.

As Ms. Richman came closer to give a hand, the suspect snapped and stabbed her in the stomach with a sharp object.

The matter was reported to Nkhata Bay Police while the woman was rushed to the district hospital where she died. —Zodiak

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