For the PP led government, it has now turned into a case where hay must be made while the sun shines.

And in the case at hand things have become so easy to make hay that the issue in now who accumulates more and who beats the other at the end of the day.

Vice President Khumbo Kachali and Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara are competing in a marathon campaign to amass as much wealth as they can in the two years they believe will be the only one they have in the ruling government.

Their target is to beat Mulli to the wealth that he managed to amass in 7 years. The two want to prove to Mulli that one does not need a whole 7 years to make money out of government.

And they are doing it already.

In a conversation overheard by our source at the State House, Kachali and Kasambara were boasting to each other as to who was amassing more of the taxpayers money.

“Kachali said his mission is to ensure he accumulates more in two years than the money Mulli brothers accumulated under Bingu.

Then Kasambara said he needs to get in line because he was already ahead” said the source.

Kasambara is thought to have used his position as Attorney General to extort money and get into all sorts of shady deals some of which involved his law firm, Ralph Arnold and Associates, suing the government, with Kasambara, in his capacity as Attorney General, quickly settling the lawsuits for huge amounts of money.

Kachali, on the other hand, has been involved in many dubious procurement deals and is alleged to have been paid US$1 million from the Australian Uranium company Paladin Africa as a backhander for his influence to ensure that the company does not pay enough royalties and tax to the Malawi government.

There is already bad blood between the two and the system.

Vice President Khumbo Kachali suspects that Joyce Banda wants to dump him and choose another person as her running mate for the 2014 elections.

He believes some of his peers in the party are badmouthing him to the President and she seems to be listening to them and getting convinced.

So Khumbo Kachali wants to use the opportunity of being vice president as long as it lasts.

Since he believes that he is presidential material he might want to use part of the resources he steals from Malawians to finance his presidential bid which he would pursue under his own party.

Kasambara courted trouble when he was discovered to have been trying to sabotage the appointments of the President and canvassing for his own people.

For being seen to have misled the President through legal advice, and for been suspected that he was abusing his position for his selfish ends, he was removed as Attorney General.

As such Kasambara looks at his time as Minister of Justice as a mere grace period which he must maximise in terms of exploiting opportunities for making wealth.

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