United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi has said his party will explore the possibility of introducing free secondary school education when voted into power next year.

Muluzi was addressing a crowd that gathered at Area 24 in Lilongwe on Sunday, one of the three venues where he addressed rallies.

“UDF introduced free primary education. This time around, we would like to see how best we can improve conditions of the schools we have. On top of that, we will explore how we will introduce free secondary education,” Muluzi said.

He had just arrived at the venue from Malingunde and Mitundu where he also addressed people.

In his speech, which was largely centred on the themes of the party’s forthcoming policy convention, Muluzi also told the gathering that his party will this year announce how his party will create 500,000 new jobs in five years from next year.

“I would like to tell you that there are ways of creating jobs. I tell you that before being voted into government next year, I challenge you that this year we will show measures that will lead to the creation of 500,000 new jobs. In five years, it is possible to create jobs, bringing companies. It’s possible, we have a way of achieving that,” Muluzi said.

Creation of 500,000 jobs was one of the early messages he told Malawians soon after starting his ‘Agenda for Change’ campaign.

Last Sunday meetings followed similar one he held in Chinsapo and Area 25 in the same city.

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  1. Atupele, you are talking like your father. Does it mean you are also a crook like your father? Where will the companies come from you boy? Now you are promising free Secondary education when free Primary education is failing? Who will finaance the Free Secondary education?
    Will the money come from your father? Do promise things which will increase taxes.


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