Malawi police arrest coup plotters: Kaliati, Musa & Nankhumwa in…more arrests to follow; Peter Mutharika to hand himself 9:00am @ Blantyre police station.

Following the inquiry report into the death of president Bingu Wa Mutharika, Malawi police this early morning arrested Former information Minister Patricia Kaliati, Local government minister Henry Musa, deputy foreign affairs minister Kondwani Nankhumwa in connection with events surrounding the death of late president Bingu Wa Mutharika. The three were part of the mid night six ministers who gave a controversial press conference which sought to block the then Vice President Joyce Banda from ascending to the presidency as per requirement of the constitution of republic of Malawi.

Kaliati faced the arrest barely few hours after her interview with Pilirani Phiri of Zodiak Broadcasting Station. In the same development, former state house guard commander Duncan Mwapasa has also been arrested for looting of government belongings at state house soon after Bingu’s death.

Currently, heavily armed forces have stormed Professor Peter Mutharika’s House in Area 43 in Lilongwe. Kaliati has been arrested as part of the Mid Night Six. However, MaraPost has learnt that he has told the police who came to arrest him that he will hand over himself at the police station in Blantyre this 9:00 am.

Her arrest has landed barely few hours after she gave a thrilling interview on ZBC following the release of the report.

During the ZBS Tiwuzeni zowona programme in which Pilirani Phiri was interviewing the loose mouthed lawmaker on the commission of inquiry report, Kaliati said she was not afraid of anything.

“Pilirani Phiri: potsatira kutuluka kwa lipoti la imfa ya Bingu pali chyembekezo kuti inu a Kaliati muntha kumangidwa, muli ndi mantha??

“Patricia Kaliati: Ha, ha, ha, pilirani ine Patricia Kaliati mwana wa botomani ndilibe mantha.”

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  1. These massive arrests,should not by anymeans be an altenative way for Her Excellency the president,as ameans of paving her own way to 2014 electoral battlefield,we Malawians are enough of her worst governing system,we were in worse during bingulism but it never came to such extent of buying abag of maize at the price of k10 000 with increased corrupt cases to access it.


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