When Benson Tembo was appointed Director General of MBC by President Joyce Banda he spoke with excited speed, making undertakings that have come back to haunt him.

It can be understood that after staying without a job following the expiry of his diplomatic engagements, he wanted to impress his employer he was the right man to clean up the “nonsense” hitherto his appointment.

In his first interview he said with his coming viewers and listeners should expect professionalism at the state broadcaster. In his words, professionalism meant “balanced news stories, no partisan propaganda programmes and featuring of view across the political divide.”

In the view of Benson Tembo, non balanced stories, partisan propaganda programmes, featuring of only the views of a ruling party were unprofessional and this would stop so that Malawians are given what they deserve – a broadcaster that runs according to professional ethics and standards.

Poor Benson! He needs to be given a chance one day to account for his bold promises in terms of what is actually happening at MBC today.

Wherever Benson Tembo is, his words must be heating the temperatures around his collar and bringing untold discomfort to him, that is only if he has got conscience at all.

Because the “nonsense”, in his words, that was happening under the DPP is back. The only difference is that the “nonsense” is being done by different members of staff and in favour of the PP.

The partisan propaganda programmes are back; the non balanced stories are back; only ruling party voices are being featured. Like in the past, if the opposition voice is going to be heard at all, it is to denigrate them.

So where is the change Dr Benson Tembo? Where is the professionalism that you cheekily made noise about?

Hopefully you have learnt your lesson about making statements to impress a politician?

Have you now realised that they are all the same when it comes to abusing MBC?

Or you thought that the change that Amayi promised, with the help of the “holy spirit”, was real?

The holy spirit got so ashamed to be associated with lies; it vanished.

Today we are back to the same “nonsense” that made others unpopular and repugnant!

Have you seen Benson?

Don’t swallow before you chew!

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Though the case ended in deadlock at a further trial the following year Chaplin was deemed to be responsible for the child??s welfare The judge awarded the infant girl Carol Ann the sum of $75 a week And though Chaplin was by now happily married to Oona his reputation fell into a steep declineTo make matters far worse he was being accused of being a communist At an Arts For Russia dinner in New York he told guests that ??the Russian purges?? were ??a wonderful thing?? ?? adding that ??the only people who object to communism and who use it as a bugaboo [an object of fear] are the Nazi agents in this country??Chaplin himself always claimed that he wasn??t a communist and it??s difficult to believe that he had either the rigour or commitment to become one For one thing he made a great deal of money out of the stock market ?? and seemed the epitome of the successful self-made man Yet he did possess an angry instinct against injustice and oppression No doubt thinking of his poverty-stricken childhood he said once: ??I??ve known humiliation And humiliation is a thing you never forget?? 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