Pop star Madonna has responded to Malawi State House statement accusing her of bullying and blackmailing government to “blast a 21 gun salute and roll red carpet for her”.

Here is the full response from celebrity musician.

I am saddened that President Banda has chosen to release lies about what we’ve accomplished, my intentions, how I personally conducted myself while visiting Malawi and other untruths.

I have no intentions of being distracted by these ridiculous allegations.

I came to Malawi seven years ago with honorable intentions I returned earlier this month to view the new schools we built.

I did not ever ask or demand special treatment at the airport or elsewhere during my visit. I will not be distracted or discouraged by other people’s political agendas.

I made a promise to the children of Malawi and I am keeping that promise. – Madonna, Los Angels 11/04/2013.

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  1. Dont tell lies to the world. You promised a girls academy equal to the RSA’s opra one and you have ended up building two classroomed blocks. You indicated funds were available for the academy. Dont distract peoples minds by thinking that malawians are useless people. You know the truth that is why you have dumped your kaballah faith

  2. Dr Joyce Banda did you want Madonna to fund your stupid Foundation?
    Stop diverting donors to your Foundation.


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