[Reactions from DailyMail -UK , CNN and Twitter]
After the news that Ethiopian airlines plane caught on firewas covered by international media, instead of the main news, many people were surprised to learn that Ethiopia has airline and owns the most advanced plane in the world.
Here are the reactions from DailyMail-UK, CNN and Twitter.
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Boeing Dreamliner of Ethiopean Airlines? I thought the place was all desert and famine.
I thought Ethopia was a poor country how the hell could they afford to buy one of these planes?
Ethiopia? Thought their people were starving, it’s akin to someone claiming benefits and turning up in a Rolls Royce!
I work in aviation, have for the last 15 years, and mainly work International assignments at this point.How Ethiopian Airlines can afford a 787 and also get to the point in the waiting list where they already have on is beyond me.
Ethiopian Airlines? They probably swapped out the batteries with some they bought from K-Mart (on layaway).
teve Klingensmith• 3 hours agowhy does Ethiopiahave an airline when all the people there are starving Ghost Rider• 6 hours agoThe bigger news is that Ethiopia can afford Dreamliners.
Reactions from CNN
TrayvonKardashan• an hour ago
Ethiopian have an airplane? They barely eat food!
outhernwonder• an hour ago
i did not know ethiopia has airplanes.
odette99• 2 hours ago
Wow Ethiopia can afford a Dreamliner…now that is amazing. I wonder if Obama gave it to them.
coment8r southernwonder• an hour ago
a lot of us are stuck in the bloated belly past – Ethiopia has evolved
Paul Williamson• 2 hours ago
No real facts, or news for that matter…maybe the Ethiopians built a campfire in the plane and were roasting a goat..
SirOinkers• 2 hours ago
I thought flying in Ethiopia meant flapping your arms in a tribal feather dress.

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  1. For all the heaters out there we have 58 planes including 4 dreemliner we’r expecting 9 more. Try to read about ethopia before u open ur facken mouth

  2. how u stupid u are? how Ethiopia can not own Dreamliner off course we were poor once up on a time but now we are one of the fast Growing Economy in the world try to know more about Ethiopia before u say something Wrong shame on u!!!

  3. SSt79W Utterly indited content, appreciate it for selective information. Life is God as novel. Let him write it. by Isaac Bashevis Singer.


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