The 2013 supermoon has just graced the skies of Malawi. According to reports from various people, the moon on the night of September 29 was brighter than usual, raced way too faster and has been swallowed such that it cannot be seen.

Being the prayerful nation that we are despite having thieves for politicians, rapists for fathers, defilers for uncles and witches for mothers amongst many vices, some Malawians have gone on to preach to others that the world is coming to an end.

However, what happened tonight is what is known as the appearance of the supermoon which is characterized by the moon appearing in its brightest and biggest form.

It was predicted earlier last week that there will be a supermoon over the weekend with the moon appearing 14 times larger and 30 percent brighter than it usually does. It was further indicated that people will have a fleeting view of the supermoon as it will be cloudy in the skies once the supermoon appears.

Any reason to be afraid?

Of course none, not if you trust science.

Bigger and brighter: a supermoon
Bigger and brighter: a supermoon

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  1. May be this are some of the signs that God himself through jesus prophecies as signs and wonders before His second coming ,what we can encouraging one another is that we need to be ready for anything ,because we are living in end time so makesure that ur ready for RAPTURE!


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