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Bunda breaks record in ‘weeding’ students as Chanco is expected to follow suit


The Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) has instituted an investigation into the massive withdrawal of students on academic grounds, popularly referred to as ‘weeding’ that has hit the Bunda College of Agriculture that is under it.

Information sourced indicates that the college has withdrawn 200 students, a record they have never hit which is a disaster in its own magnitude.

The media has quoted the Vice Chancellor of the University, George Kanyama Phiri, as confirming the development as well as indicating his surprise at the number. He has, however, rushed in to indicate that a huge enrollment could as well be the reason behind the massive ‘weeding’.

In a related report, it has also been disclosed that Chancellor College of the University of Malawi might as well produce another astronomical figure in withdrawn students once their results are fully finalized.


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