Embattled Peoples’ Party Deputy Director of Recruitment and Sensitization, Oswald Lutepo, has come in the open to declare that he has quit politics so as to concentrate on his business solely.

The decision has come barely hours after the party announced that it had suspended him together with the party’s director of legal affairs, Ralph Kasambara, over the cases they are answering.

Lutepo is answering money laundering and theft charges of money amounting to MK2.6 billion while Kasambara is answering charges of attempting to murder budget director in the Ministry of Finance, Paul Mphwiyo.

On Sunday, PP announced that it had suspended the two as the party did not want to be dragged together with the cases of the two.

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  1. What is Lutepo telling the Nation? Was he abused in politics before realising he was a business person? Who lured him to join the PP since he was never doing politics before? Having told us his ultimate decision, he also needs to refund all the moneyK2.6 billion he stole from our treasury. Where is the money or who is keeping it? Does he want to use it as capital for his businesses? Lutepo please answer these questions for us.


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