Area 36 Seventh-Day Adventist Church is under utter shock and grief after a lightning struck the church, claiming 18 lives in the process.

Reports indicate that the lightning struck in the afternoon sermon of the church and the shock waves it sent killed 14 people on the spot while 4 other deaths were later confirmed at the hospital where some victims were rushed to for assistance.

The tragedy is the biggest in recent times to have struck in Malawi due to the raining season.

FaceofMalawi condoles the families of the deceased.

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  1. dangers in the last days this time what about us where are going meet our dangers shall it be like our friends or in same other places which are not meant for us lets watch our movement and may god help us to be at a right place at a right time.

  2. Dpp will take control 2014,l think they still have chance to win the eletions if everything will be free and fair,so if kaka Dr chilumpha join Dpp which means it will be more boast to the party.

  3. Iam sorry to those who lose there life,but nothing much l can say,l betta aske GOD to help by remolve tears to the condolence family and put everything in GOD hands its time,rest in peace we miss you but in spiritual still we will be together.


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