Lawyer Ralph Kasambara, SC and former Minister of Justice as well as former Attorney General has come out in the open that he will represent Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader, Peter Mutharika, if anybody dares to challenge his candidacy on the grounds that he holds a green card.

Kasambara has declared that he will take up the case on a pro-bono basis, meaning without demanding any fee from Mutharika or the DPP, if anybody will rise up to challenge Mutharika’s candidature.

“Professor Mutharika is a bonafide Malawian with all his rights enshrined in the Malawi constitution which apparently the incumbent vowed to defend. As a human rights lawyer, I will not stand by and watch rights of a legitimate Malawian being violated left right and centre,” Kasambara has been quoted as saying.

The issue of Mutharika’s candidature has gathered momentum after lawyer Justin Dzonzi claimed that Mutharika’s candidacy can be challenged in a court of law owing to his holding of a green card.

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  1. I don’t know if that is in good faith but in real sense Malawi should question why he is a Member of Parliament?
    If he is not a citizen how come he is representing citizens in parliament?
    I think that’s just election fever PP is having.
    Wake up Malawi, zachikale zolimbana. Waste your energy on Developmental issues not killing others.


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