Needing a lap to sit on, a shoulder to lean on, or missing the devil that much? Well, pack your bags and rush to the US.

The Satan Statue against the Ten Commandments
The Satan Statue against the Ten Commandments

A satanic church in the US filed for the installation of a two-meter-high statue of the devil. Satanists want to erect the monument next to the buildings of the government and the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, where a monument to Ten Commandments was erected in 2012.

According to the project, the devil will be depicted in the form of Baphomet – a winged creature with goat’s head and a long beard. In addition, the sculpture will have figures of smiling children. As planned, passers-by will be able to sit on the lap of Satan “for inspiration and contemplation.”

A spokesperson for the satanic temple said that the monument is to reflect the views of Satanists inside and outside Oklahoma City.

The Satan statue
The Satan statue

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