The party has been cancelled sometime in the past but the blue team is not giving up.

Information FaceofMalawi has indicate that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is getting ready to have its leader sworn in tomorrow once the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) releases the results.

“We are sure that the courts will not grant the extension to MEC and come Friday, Mutharika will be declared winner. On Saturday, we will be at the stadium for the inauguration,” said a source within the party.

Whereas the Malawi Congress Party loyalists on social media had created an event for the swearing in ceremony of its leader, Lazarus Chakwera and had indicated the venue to be Lilongwe, the DPP has settled for the soccer mecca Kamuzu stadium in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Asked as to why the party was in a rush to have its leader sworn in, the source indicated that it was every Malawian’s wish to see the election done with and the country forge ahead.

“As we are talking now, the economy is going down. Malawians need a functional government and the DPP has the legal mandate to provide that as it were voted for by the people,” said the source.

Unofficial results have indicated that the DPP took a lead in the elections with the MCP coming second and the PP third while the UDF came fourth.

If declared winner tomorrow by the electoral commission, Mutharika will become the fifth President of the republic and the DPP will make history as being a party that was in the opposition but bounced back into power.

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  1. Courts are for justice. With stolen votes do you want the court to legitimise criminality? Even Mbendera has told us that the number of centres with votes counted higher than registered voters has increased from 58 to 65 what does that tell you?

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