Several prominent aspiring Member’s of Parliament from Dr Joyce Banda’s People’s Party (PP) are taking home bad results in the face of the recent Malawi Parliamentary Elections which have seen a prominent PP politician, Honourable Godfrey Kamanya, committing suicide. Kamanya’s suicide letter, which President Joyce Banda read at her press conference on the 22nd of May 2014, states political reasons and death threats for his fatal self inflicted demise.

Dr Joyce Banda’s Running mate, PP Vice-President Sosten Gwengwe, has not been spared the political fall either according to unofficial results trickling in from the polling districts. Former minister of Mining, John Bande and former Information and Tourism minister Moses Kunkuyu also face similar fates in their respective constituencies. At the moment, it seems PP will have a very seriously weakened position in the new Parliament which threatens the very existence of her fairly new party which has had to move on despite the departure of two of its vice-presidents , Sidik Mia and Khumbo Kachali, in the election year.

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