Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) has asked Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to release the results of the first ever tripartite election before embarking on the vote recounts.

MESN chairperson  Steve Duwa said this today  in an interview.

In his speech, Duwa said: “it’s better to release the results first before MEC  start manual vote count.

“This will help Malawians to be in better position to note the difference between the   results released before recount and after recounts”.

He said if this is not done, tallying of results will be meaningless as Malawians will not know what actually has been discovered in the process of vote recount.

MEC opted for manual recounts after United Democratic Front (UDF), the ruling People’s Party (PP) vehemently disputed the credibility of the election.

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  1. It is now correct to assume that DDP bribed some of the NGOs and Zodiac radio station. Why are they fighting MEC instead of listening to the need for vote recount to remove ghost voters?

  2. MESN OR DUWA what ever comes first! I wonder in whose interest is this MESN speaking for? As in name where S stand for ‘support’ you are not the prime voice for Malawians and your briefcase visions and agenda ought to be put second and Malawian come first!! Where in the world would say pass the verdict first and then exhaust evidence letter? I may assume Mr Duwa does not deserve to head any civil organization or else he working under duress!! It will come to pass and beans will scattered for organizations and your affiliates!!

  3. Kodi a MCP, PP and UDF how can one party manage to bribe all the international and some local observers? What for? Ikanakhala kuti imatsogola ndi PP or MCP bwezi mukuyankhula zonsezi? Ifenso amene tinavotera Peter ndi a Malawi. Dont think becoz MCP got 76 seats then they got more presidential votes NO! Do your home work properly.Mxiii!


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