United Democratic Front (UDF) President Atupele Muluzi has urged President Professor Author Peter Mutharika to work the talk in dealing with corruption in the country especially on Cash gate scandal.

The Young Muluzi of Ung’ono Ung’ono fame said this in Parliament yesterday when he was responding to the State of the Nation Address delivered by the President on Tuesday.

“It is that, any administration that is serious about delivering change for Malawi has to tackle cash gate, not just by ‘being seen’ to be dealing with a few manifestations of the problem, but by focusing on tackling the underlying root causes of this problem.

“We seem to have built in Malawi, what appears to be a political system that continues to allow the privileged few, to consume state resources for their own private use while disregarding the voices of ordinary Malawians”, said Muluzi.

Muluzi further hinted that Cash gate scandal came due to failure by leaders to distinguish between right and wrong.

Meanwhile deliberations have been suspended to Monday next week.

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  1. We the Public are seeing the President walking the talk by the President on corruption.We heard Nation Msowoya of Finance that Auditors will audit State Residences,Police and Army..There are outstanding Cashgate cases in Courts and Police and Opposition would also assist by adding new measures of dealing with the issues.Some opposition figures will be ashamed for double dealings when their names will be released.They pretend to be against when pipo know how much they pocketed from whom.Kuona maso a nkhno nkufatsa.


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