As many were trying to bury all the ugly scenes of the May 20 tripartite election, the fire that gutted Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Warehouse in Lilongwe on Monday night has revived the issue with Malawi Congress Party (MCP) asking MEC Commissioners to voluntarily step down for failing to manage the polls.

MCP spokesperson Dr. Jessie Kabwila alongside Director of the elections Joseph Njobvuyalema made the call today in Lilongwe during a press conference.

In her Speech, Kabwila said it is sad for the body to call the fire that gutted MEC Warehouse as normal incident.

“When you have a body that is failing to oversee a process of electing the head of state then we have a problem. They don’t understand what is happening and continuing with mediocrity, massive irregularity and continue calling abnormal things normal”, she said.

On his part, Njovuyalema said: “We all know that the issue of ballot papers being destroyed is not in court. So if they say that their hands are tied, though there is no rope then they have to go”.

The warehouse contained about 1,500 ballot boxes, gas cylinders, gas lamps, generators, furniture and stationery.

Meanwhile the cause of the fire that gutted the Warehouse is yet to be established.

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  1. MCP you are right. The first thing to understand is that MEC premises are not normal premises, similarly those working at MEC are not on normal employment. MEC is a strategic place politically, therefore anything happening at that place must not be treated as normal. Kalonga the Chief Executive Officer is a comedian. He does not understand the strategic importance of that organization. Maybe because, he was given the job without interviews. I therefore, agree with MCP that there has to be new people at MEC not the scrap that is there now or else let us all demonstrate against MEC before it is too late.


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