Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya has dismissed reports that Parliament increased salaries of Members of Parliament (MPs) by 100 percent.

Recent reports indicate that parliamentarians’ payment package have doubled to about K1.4 million, a development which has been condemned by both the public and civil society organisations that feel that the adjustment is not in line with economic steps to resuscitate the ailing economy as well as government’s resolve to harmonise civil service salaries.

However, according to Msowoya the reports are only “speculation” saying at the moment the issue has not been raised or discussed by the august House.

“My office has not been provided with any documentation on salary increase for parliamentarians. I haven’t seen anything on my desk to that effect. I’m sure if indeed there are indeed such things then discussions will first have to take place,” Msowoya said.

He further observed that Parliament does not decide on final figures for payment for MPs but that Treasury and Human Resource Department handle such issues.

Lilongwe Mapuyu South legislator Joseph Njobvuyalema also wondered as to how such an upward adjustment could have been effected without being reflected on the pay slips.

“If you want I can even come to your office and show you my pay slip. Nothing has changed I’m still getting the same pay. We are also reading about such reports in the papers,” he said.

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