Former ruling People’s Party (PP) has described the defection of its Deputy Campaign director Ken Zikhale Ng’oma to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as not worrisome to the party but a sign of frustration.

Ng’oma announced his resignation over the weekend and in a letter addressed to PP Secretary General, Paul Maulidi, Zikhale said PP should disband and support the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

“I write in submission of my resignation letter as a bonafide member of Peoples Party with immediate effect.

“I feel that Malawi as a country does not need so many Political Parties and that most political party’s ideologies are similar in nature. I personally could have loved if Peoples Party could have joined hands and worked together with Democratic People’s Party as they all belong to one family although having different species”, read in part the letter.

But reacting to Zikhale’s remarks, Maulidi said the defection is a sign of frustration following his poor performance on the May 20 parliamentary election.

“He contested for a seat in Nkhata Bay under PP but lost. This is just frustration as people mostly react angrily after losing an election. You should also know that some people are like political whirlwind; they just want to be associated with ruling parties,” said Maulidi.

Maulidi further branded Zikhale as an opportunist who always want to enrich himself.

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