Here are some amazing fun facts that could brighten up your monotonous day with excitement and some mirthful entertainment.

  1.  Did you know that if you are over a hundred years old, then there’s an 80 % chance of you being a woman!!
  2. Giant Panda gives birth to a Baby Panda that weighs only about 4 ounces.
  3. The banana tree is incapable of reproducing itself. It can only be propagated in the hands of men.
  4. The penis of Barnacle grows up to 20 times of its own body size.
  5. The flavor vanilla is sometimes made out of an ingredient from the beaver pee.
  6. Blue colored eyes are a result of genetic mutation. All humans had only brown eyes before the occurrence of the mutation.
  7. Canada alone houses more lakes than that of the rest of the whole world combined.
  8. Almost all of the Bonobo Chimpanzees are bisexuals.
  9. The famous cartoon character Donald Duck’s comics were banned in Finland as Donald didn’t wear pants.
  10. It is quite possible to train and instruct your cat for using the toilet as litter box and then even flush it afterwards.
  11. Charles Osborne had non stop hiccups from 1922 to 1990, for a period of approximately 68 years.
  12. Children tend to grow much faster during the spring times than any other season of the year.
  13. Some of the Chinese made fashionable hair bands were crafted from recycled condoms.
  14. Chinese soldiers usually learnt their perfect postures by inserting pins in to their collars.
  15. Microsoft founder, Bill Gates was a college dropout.
  16. Common rats do not exist in the province of Alberta in Canada.
  17. When astronauts are in space, they get taller by a few inches.
  18. About 255 babies are born every minute.
  19. Baby octopuses resemble the sizes of fleas during their birth.
  20. Stroking a cat gently can lower your blood pressure signification; yes the theory is scientifically backed.
  21. It’s not possible for cats to move their jaws sideways.
  22. Chewing gum can boost your brain power.
  23. There are more people in China as compared to the US than can speak fluent English.
  24. A Chinese designer, Daizi Zheng, used Coca Cola to could power a cell phone. She designed one battery that could use the enzymes for generating electricity.
  25. When you mouth ‘colorful’ to someone, he/she might mistake it for “I love you”.
  26. Curvy lips are an indication of smart women that will deliver intelligent babies.
  27. A dairy cow produces more milk while it’s listening to music.
  28. Flavonoids present in dark chocolate can reduce and blood pressure and lower heart disease risks.
  29. Sociologists have predicted that the better the economy of a country, the shorter the women’s skirts are.
  30. No matter how hard you can pinch on a person’s elbow, it doesn’t really hurt.
  31. Artificial teeth are at times minutely radioactive.
  32. No two corn flakes can ever be the same.
  33. There are four fingers in each hand of Mickey Mouse.
  34. One person in every four Americans has been featured on television.
  35. There are 32 muscles in each ear of a cat.
  36. The memory span of a goldfish is only seconds.
  37. The only fish capable of blinking with both eyes is the shark.
  38. The eye of an ostrich is bigger than its brain.
  39. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.
  40. The left hand of an average person does 56% of typing.

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