A wild buffalo last Thursday killed a Wildlife Extension Officer for Nyika Wildlife and Parks who was trying to drive it back into Nyika Parks and Wildlife in Rumphi.

FOM speaking to an eye witness said that the game ranger, Emmanuel Mughogho had been informed of the stray buffalo which was at Kanyerere a primary school in the district.

Rumphi police have confirmed the death of Mughogho.

According to Charles Kuyokwa, the eye-witness said the buffalo entered school premises at Kanyerere Thursday morning while learners were in class and demolished a kitchen of one of the staff members.

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  1. instead of putting measures of strengthening the government security and other developments in the country, concentration is on political battles within the same governing party… its high time leaders learn to respect the ones that voted for them by implementing their manifestos… it was clear in the debates that the relationship between presidents and their vices shall always be good.. we need to see that and not what is happening or what’s being rumored.


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