Two Female Cheetahs relocated to Majete Reserve from South Africa

Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) have successfully relocated two female cheetahs from Pilansberg National Park in South Africa to Majete Wildlife Reserve. This brings the total number of cheetahs to six in the reserve. The relocation has been sponsored by Stephan Illenberger and Chantel Rischard of ASHIA Cheetah Conservation.


Cockroaches are extremely resilient pests. Once they have invaded your home it can be difficult to get rid of them. Understanding how they behave is the first step to getting rid of them and can also help you manage roach prevention. Let's look at 5 of the most important facts, below! 1. COCKROACHES ARE SOCIAL CREATURES If you’ve found a roach in your home, chances are, it’s...

Forbes: Five Little-Known Nations That Deserve To Become Tourism Hotspots In 2021, Malawi included

With the promise of a vaccine in the near future, individuals across the globe have set their sights on their next vacation, with many nations anticipating a surge in tourism as travel becomes feasible once again. Some countries - France, Italy, and the Netherlands, to name a few - have been popular destinations for decades, but certain others are severely underrated when it comes...

Tourists Watch Bear Maul Worker To Death In A Zoo

Zoo visitors at the Chinese Shanghai Wildlife Park had the worst day of their lives on Saturday after a Zoo worker was attacked and mauled to death by bears in the zoo’s “wild beast area”. In a video that has since been taken down on the microblogging site, Twitter, terror-stricken tourists can be heard yelling as they watch in full view, several bears crowded in...

See Photos Of Titanoboa, The World Most Largest And Longest Snake (Photos)

There are such huge numbers of assorted kinds of Snakes we’ve on Earth today, yet this Titanoboa is definitely outstanding in all areas and is understood for it’s enormous amount of size. Titanoboa is a 40 foot long, to allow you to what extent the snake is. This bizzarre creature or animal could be a cross between a board constrictor which of a boa. This snake we are discussing, called Titanoboa existed...


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