The decision by President Peter Mutharika to leave his Vice, Saulos Chilima, out of the party top rank is said to be a way to push the former Airtel Malawi Director out of the succession equation while bringing in Atupele Muluzi to his rightful place.

Inside sources within the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) say it is just a matter of time before Atupele is appointed Second Vice President, the first step before a parliamentary move to give Mutharika powers to fire Chilima before 2017.

“If you see the appointments you will realize that Mutharika has deliberately made sure that the Vice President does not make it into the politburo. Being an adviser is just a ceremonial role without clout. Just wait and see, they will eliminate Chilima using new laws to be effected in Parliament,”

These developments come at the back of Mutharika’s meeting with Atupele’s father, Bakili Muluzi early in the week.

“Bakili has become a shadow adviser and Mutharika is seeking advice from him on party matters to fulfil their earlier agreement of making Atupele the next President of Malawi.

Meanwhile, a section of DPP executive members is planning to fight for Chilima as they believe he should not be denied an opportunity to succeed Mutharika because he helped the party win the May 20 polls.

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  1. Prophets of doom shrive on bad news. You are trying your best to antagonise Peter and Chilima but to no avail! Musovenge!

  2. The article makes sense Mutharika with majority in parliament can easily push for an amendment in the constitution allowing him to fire the vp and replace him with someone else and then concentrate power in the south creating a tyranny of the majority in the process, chilima is an office lad not a politician and he has little charisma in the political playground compared to Muluzi and that’s why APM would want him instead of chilima

  3. Who is Chilima in Malawian politics? A no body. He was stupid to think he would the next president. Mai Malinki misled him. The fact is that Atupele will replace Chilima soon. Do not cry because you stole our votes and God is punishing you now for thast


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