Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has assured Malawians of free, fair and credible by-elections scheduled for Tuesday 7, 2014.

MEC Commissioner Rev. Mezuwa Banda said this at the end of a three day training for Quality Control Managers (QCM), Clerks, Presiding officers and also assistant Presiding officers in Mbalachanda recently.

In his speech, Banda said these elections are to be taken serious so as not to disappoint people.
“Polling is another crucial area when it comes to assessing whether elections were free, fair and credible thus the need for big preparations to avoid messing up the whole process” he said

Banda further said the commission has registered successes during the whole process of Re registering, and Verification hence there is need to administer the polling exercise with seriousness to avoid a public outcry once it is messed up.

“I urge all the participants to cooperate with the commission to make sure that the whole process goes smoothly because any irregularity faced during polling can blot all the successes registered by the commission so far,” Banda said.

However the Commissioner was also quick to warn all the staff to be neutral and non-partisan during this period so as not to be blamed by the candidates once they fail to make it as a councillor for the ward.

MEC is expected to conduct by elections for Member of Parliament in Thyolo East and Blantyre North constituencies and Local Government in Machinga Lisanjala ward, Mzimba Mbalachanda ward, Ntcheu North East Kandeu ward, Kasungu Lifupa ward and Karonga Nyungwe Zgeba ward respectively.

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