The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) yesterday released a press statement which states that it will hold a National Stakeholders Forum on Inclusivity and Federalism from November 24 to 25.

FaceofMalawi speaking to PAC executive director Robert Phiri, Confirmed of the development while attending executive committee, trustees and representatives of mother bodies in Lilongwe to discuss the work plan for October to December 2014.

“The goal of the forum will be to provide a platform where constructive debate can be carried out so that we speak the same language on matters of national importance.

The committee further took a position that PAC should not take any stand, but first of all must hear from experts who will make presentations during the national stakeholder’s forum.

“It was agreed that there should be speakers on federalism from abroad, in particular from those countries that practise this principle. However, there will be two others from within the country to present on other topics that build on the emerging issue itself.”

PAC has embarked on various activities such as advocacy on constitutional review, the 50+1 principle of electing presidents and the way forward on Section 65 of crossing of the floor in Parliament, explained Phiri.

Phiri said the relevance of the forum is that it would provide a common ground where people of different views may listen and question on what constitutes federalism.

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