A 21 year old woman (Name witheld) in Balaka’s Mbeya Area has committed suicide by taking an overdose of aspirin tablets after her lover denied responsibility of the pregnancy she had.

Reports indicate that the woman was in a relationship with a dude from Mbeya who runs a fish business and everyone new of the relatinship. However, when in August this year when the young woman traveled to Lilongwe to stay with her aunt, she started seeing another dude in the capital until October when she returned back to Mbeya.

She came to realise she was pregnant about two weeks ago and when she informed the Mbeya man, the man accepted responsibility. Childishly, the woman informed the Lilongwe lover also and he accepted responsibility.

On Sunday, both men collided at the woman’s home each with the aim of checking on the woman and when they became aware that the woman was playing them, they both denied responsibility.

At being abandoned, the lady decided to end her life. In a suicide note, the woman has left behind, she has wished the two men well and thanked them for treating her like a sinner
Burial of her remains is today

May her soul rest in peace.

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1 ndemanga

  1. If the story about the two men accepting responsibility of the pregnancy out of not knowing the girl was a beach, then let her soul rest in peace if at all there is peace for those in her trade


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