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Fri, 26 Apr 2024 10:00:00 UTC @ Botanic Garden - 2024 Zomba City Festival is schedulled to take place on 26 to 28 April at Botanic Garden in Zomba This is a festival for all ages in the historic mountain city of Zomba. Celebrate Cultu... More Info
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Sat, 27 Apr 2024 10:00:00 UTC @ New Village House (Kampala Manase) - Elinationa And No Limit Presents Njuchi Day Music show with Njuchi Zitatu. The show will take place at New Village House in Manase on 27 April 2024 and it will have music performances b... More Info


The Ministry of Health (MoH) on Monday dismissed claims that it had registered its first Ebola case after a woman with symptoms similar to the disease was referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) on Saturday.

FaceofMalawi speaking to MoH spokesperson Henry Chimbali said the woman, who is eight months pregnant, was referred to QECH from Mwanza District Hospital.

He said the patient was referred to the referral centre because she had symptoms such as fever and skin rash, which are similar to Ebola’s typical signs.

“The patient was attended to by one of our doctors at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and because the signs she was showing are similar to Ebola, a Rapid Response Team, which was trained on the infection, was called right away and it established that she does not have Ebola, but rather it is chicken pox,” explained Chimbali.

“The woman is currently being treated as an in-patient at the hospital where she is receiving medical assistance. And because chicken pox is infectious, she has been isolated so that she will not infect others.”

“Panic and fear might have risen from the fact that the Rapid Response Team was called in. But there is no need to panic and live in unnecessary fear because “when the country registers an Ebola case, we will not hide, we will tell them because it is an issue of national interest,” revealed the spokesperson.

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