Two men die by suicide in separate incidents in Blantyre

Two men have died after committing suicide in separate incidents, at Soche location in Blantyre. According to Blantyre Police deputy spokesperson Aubrey Singanyama,  Makhalira Lino,48, took his own life by hanging himself in a Masuku tree, at Soche Hill Forest on January 7. "Children who were playing nearby saw the deceased hanging in the said tree about half a kilometer from Soche Quarry market. "The local community...

Unmanageable debts forces Malawian teacher to take his own life in church

A Malawian primary school teacher Daniel Banda has killed himself inside a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church over what he described, in a suicide note as unmanageable debts. Banda was teaching at Magogo Primary School, Elunyeni Zone in Mzimba district. According to the suicide note Banda left, he narrated that he had debts with a lot of lending institutions and other companies in an attempt to...

23 year old man kills him after being confronted at home over a fight he had at School

A 23 year old Mikolongwe Vocational College student, Darthan Mandala has died after committing suicide at Manase Township in Blantyre. Blantyre Police Deputy Spokesperson, Aubrey Singanyama says the deceased took away his life after being confronted by his parents following a fight he had with a fellow student at the school. "After being confronted by the parents, the deceased took all his belongings from the house...

Zambian female teacher takes her own life over debts

A 38 year old female teacher in Zambia has allegedly taken his own life over financial strains. According to reports, the Kapiri Mposhi teacher, engaged herself in massive debts. However, she failed to pay back her debtors who were on her neck demanding their money back. After seeing that she will not be able to pay them back, the teacher resorted to taking her own life.

17 year old girl takes her own life after her mother stopped her from dating

A 17 year old girl in Nigeria has killed herself after her mother stopped her from seeing her boyfriend. Taiwo’s mother did not allow her daughter to continue seeing her boyfriend, a 19-year-old who graduated high school in 2021. Taiwo is said to have put something poisonous in the drink she was drinking on Friday, October 21, 2022. Her death occurred in the Lagos neighborhood of Dalemo...


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