As consumers continue to suffer in silence over poor service delivery by some public service providers in the country, Independent Delivery Services Monitoring Organization (IDSMO) has been registered to act as the voice for the voiceless.

IDSMO was fully registered on November 17, 2015 by the registrar general’s office as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies act. (No.19 of 1984,section 15).

Confirming the development in a statement made available to FaceofMalawi, IDSMO Chief Executive Officer Dr. John Chikago, former Malawi Ambassador to Japan said the NGO has been established to provide bottom-up pressure for the improvement of delivery services in Malawi.

Chikago said the organization has the legal mandate to act as a mouthpiece for citizens and ensure service providers are subjected to account for their services through the court.

“The registration of IDSMO means citizens have a bottom-up mechanism for channeling their grievances against lowering standards of services. What it means is instead of placing trust and confidence in public service provider, citizens will now retain their trust through IDSMO,” reads in part the statement.

Chikago said the organization will manage to achieve this by among other things making sure that parastatals have service charters which articulate their role, responsibilities and rights of citizens.

“This initiative complements the current ongoing public service sector reforms,” he said.

Chikago further said that the organization will work in partnership with the media, donor agencies and government for the purpose of sharing information.

IDSMO will be mandated to advance high quality service delivery, assisting and protecting consumers against poor service delivery and enabling citizens’ voice.

Apart from that, the organization will be mandated to take to task service providers who are inefficient which may include litigation.

Meanwhile Chikago is optimistic that IDSMO role of monitoring and taking to task under performing public institutions will help the country’s production and economy to grow.

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