A joint rally organized by three major opposition Political Parties led by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in Mzuzu on Sunday was characterized violence as thugs armed with machetes stormed the venue hacking MCP supporters.

The thugs who are purportedly to have been hired by the other opposition People’s Party (PP) functionary belonging to Christopher Mzomera Ngwira and were using minibus registration number DA 1069.

According to reports from Mzuzu, the functionally were not happy with the presence of Kamlepo Kalua who happens to be the Party’s third Vice President.

Thugs stripped naked women and other people who were putting on PP regalia and in the process hacked four MCP members including personal aid to MCP President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

But others have linked the attackers to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying their target was MCP President.

Speaking during the rally, Chakwera denounced the attack, saying Malawi is not ready to shed blood again.

On his part, Alliance for Democracy (Aford ) President Enock Chihana accused the Police for failing to provide security at the venue.

Earlier, the thugs uprooted flags the opposition erected at the venue and in the city.

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  1. When people fail to provide directions, they want others to miss the way too. How long shall we shade blood and sit on justice as what is happening to Chasowa’s case? How long will Malawi teat crime selectively?

  2. Thugs, murders, the DPP cadets. Please never ever tag Mzomera to have a hand on this circus. All these are manifestos of DPP regime. Targeting to silence anyone who irks for the hotsit chair. Its pity that innocent Malawiaians loose lives, while others left booing in hospitals craving for life. Rember what happened at Grace chinga’s, may her soul rest in peace, burial ceremony. The very same peaple destroyed Pr Bushiri’s reputation as DPP instructed them to do so after carrying away their minds with K10000 each. Huuuu! I wonder what new generations learn from this


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