Many people know love as a great feeling of fondness and enthusiasm for a person or a thing. I won’t major on the many types but I would only focus on one, which is the most common among the young and the old, romantic love.

This love is said and practiced all over, and it has become a common thing, even amongst young children. Romantic love is a deep feeling between two people and in this case I mean a man and a woman, in love. Love dictates back from the times of Adam and Eve. The issue of Adam and Steve or Eve and Stella is another case all together and should not be graded as love.

I believe many people anticipate so much when it comes to this feeling because it is the best free thing one can ever have. My case is totally different because I am afraid of this feeling which many people yearn for.

I am not afraid of it because it is difficult to manage. NO! It is because it can hurt at times. Love hurts and the healing of the love wound takes some time which I cannot easily bear. It requires two hearts for love to build itself but when only my heart offers to love and the other offers to lust then that would lead to a heart break which I am afraid of.

I am also afraid of love because I might choose to love the wrong person and that feeling may never fade away. And when Mr. Right arises I would have lost hope and not believe in love again. I am afraid of this feeling and to be precise, I am afraid of love.


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