Coming from work while tired and hungry,reaching home need to cook something to eat,unfortunately there is no Electricity before you consider next move, want to take a grass of water, there is  no water again . Very desperate and confused you sit down and then decide to go to your neighbour, one who ever caught red-handed having sex with your wife, to ask water to drink so as Malawi is now plead to Tanzania to give them Electricity.

Confused Malawians, despite the tension between Tanzania and them, the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has executed plans to tap power from Tanzania, adding on to its earlier plans to tap electricity from Mozambique and Zambia.

The desperate Malawi has Lake Malawi which other countries admire, reaching instant that they should take it by force  but Malawi fails to use it to generate enough Electricity for its small population.

Poor Government, through its Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Resources, has confirmed that the World Bank is funding feasibility studies for the project to borrow power energy from its neighbours.

The Ministry confirmed that there is Low water levels in Shire River,where Escom taps water for hydro-electric power generation, have reduced Malawi’s generation capacity from 351 megawatts to 165 megawatts, forcing Escom to look beyond borders for solutions to the challenge.

This sounds weird right?

Shire river is only main outlet of lake Malawi, the lake which has only fresh water in Africa, just to be fair, can the country do something productive with this abundant water?

Tapping Electricity from  Tanzania, will make Malawi to bow to Tanzanian needs, only one need to steal Lake Malawi.


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