Suspended opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila has turn down an invitation by the party to appear before disciplinary committee scheduled for this coming Saturday.

Kabwila together with Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South Joseph Njobvuyalema were suspended last month by MCP politburo for allegedly having a hand in the botched torching of the Party’s headquarters in the capital Lilongwe.

The two then were asked to appear for disciplinary hearing scheduled for Saturday to hear their side of the story.

But information sourced by this publication indicates that Kabwila has denied the invitation, saying the invitation was not formal.

According to information at hand, Potiphar Chidaya invited Kabwila to the meeting through phone call.

Speaking to the press, Kabwila said she will only honor the invitation only if the Party invites her formally.

“At first the Party wrote a letter informing me that I have been suspended from the Party and why not now doing the same. I will go to the meeting once am invited formally not through phone call,” said Kabwila.

Meanwhile Njobvuyalema has confirmed of his availability to the meeting.

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